Wednesday, 26 December 2012

Hello my name is.....

Here we are: it's the end of 2012 and unless I slept through the rapture on December 21 (I sleep through storms all the time...), I think the Mayans may have miscalculated the end of the world.  Happens to the best of us.  Sometimes I miscalculate my budget and I wouldn't even try to do my own taxes... also, to be fair, they wouldn't be the first and they won't be the last, all of human history is checkered with clumsy doomsday predictors.  Remember the rapture guy of 2011?  Add'em to the list.  But who else was really hoping for a good ol' fashioned zombie-pocalypse?!  Huh?!  Anyone?!

Anyway, That's enough rapture talk.  The real reason I'm here is because I made a resolution this year for the first time ever!  Apparently, 2013 is the year to start a blog if you haven't already.

So why am I writing?  I like food.  I like tea.  I like almost all things active.  I think there is absolutely no substitute for healthy active living and my hope is that by sharing my recipes and my (mis?) adventures I can inspire maybe even one person to make a simple healthy change or two!!

Have a happy day!!  À bientôt :-)


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