Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Tiramisu! (Guest post of the month!)

Hello everybody,

Being a guest of Talia's blog is very much an honour, specially after having seen the amazing tips she's giving to all the people- like me- who thought that eating vegan was having just soy milk and lemongrass. At the same time I feel bad to spoil her collection of healthy and vegan food with a recipe that is soaked in diary and animal-derived ingredients from top to bottom.
However, I also think that cakes are one of the most useful supplements to boost girls' happiness (not guilt-free but this is another story). So, before my cake-fasting starts for 40 days (lent; the longest 40 days of my 2013), I want to fuel up with happiness as much as I can and- being 100% italian- I must start with tiramisu!

Here is how to make a portion of heaven:
500 g mascarpone
4 eggs
400 g lady fingers
120 g sugar
cocoa powder
6 cups espresso

Whisk together egg yolks and sugar until well blended then add mascarpone and beat until combined. In a separate bowl whip the eggs white until soft peaks hold, and then fold gently into the mascarpone cream. Dip the lady fingers in the espresso and place layers of soggy cookies and layers of cream, finishing with a creamy layer. Dust with cocoa powder and keep it refrigerated until 15 minutes before serving.

Now enjoy the happiness and thank you Talia for sharing with me a new page of your creation looking forward to the next brunch or workout or trip...!!!

Buon Appetito!!
Laura Santi

Laura is a fellow foodie, blogger and running enthusiast, also an Italian teacher and translator. For more information you can find her at: ca.linkedin.com/pub/laura-santi/8/23b/972

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