Sunday, 24 February 2013

Getting reacquainted with the barre!

... It was an unseasonably beautiful day one November when I thought I'd enjoy the last glimpse of warmth before having to pack my road bike away and hook it up to the indoor trainer for winter. What I wasn't expecting that day was to have to take a detour over the hood of a Chrysler and spend the next 4 hours with Mount Sinai's (wonderful) emergency crew. The result being a bright purple forearm cast, which, aside from being incredibly unsexy also became a weapon (and an assault with battery charge waiting to happen...) to any unsuspecting Salsa dancing partner I encountered. Thus effectively putting a hold on my dancing career. Other injuries have kept me from my love from childhood: ballet. While I recuperate, I've had to try other activities that are kinder to my body without sacrificing my activity level... But, I miss dance!

Anyway, today I took a walk up to Yonge and Eg to try something new!! Barre Beautiful (

Barre Beautiful offers several ballet barre inspired workouts ranging from a classic workout to cardio to sculpting. The class I tried: classic, which is the perfect marriage of a ballet barre warmup and a full Pilates workout. Dancers will be familiar with terms like: battement, attitude, plié, relevé, first position and tendu which will have you reminiscing about hairspray, perfectly smooth buns, bodysuits and sequins... The micropulsing, contractions, ab work with resistance bands and weights will have you sweating and maybe even crying out for your mama. Haha. Ok, maybe not, but I would describe myself as a person who is reasonably in shape and I found it HARD!! With two exclamation points on purpose. That's not to discourage my less fitness savvy sisters (and brothers!!) from trying this out, it's a great way to get back on the fitness bandwagon. The instructor will watch and correct where necessary, so nobody walks away injured. I have a particularly defiant set of lower back muscles, glutes and tight hip flexors that sometimes send my pelvis rogue, particularly when I start to get tired... Thankfully, the instructor caught and corrected this anterior tilt a few times (my spine thanks you). I highly recommend the experience if you're looking to spice up your routine!!

I'll definitely be back for more!!

Ah bientôt!

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  1. Thanks Talia! It was great having you out. Glad you enjoyed it. Looking forward to seeing you soon!