Friday, 4 April 2014

This Life is Not a Rehearsal

I am about to embark on the biggest adventure of my life.  Not like those times I went to Europe... Or traveled around the states... Or that road trip I took with my family when I was 12.  This adventure sees me changing the fabric of my life.  As I leave my friends, my community, my lifestyle behind... I wonder what's really next for me.  Every time I tell somebody what I'm about to do, I inevitably get the question "why?".  Every time.  I guess the real reason is: why not?

There are a lot of good reasons: Time for change, itchy feet, because I can, to explore new opportunities, I love a new challenge and an adventure and I'm ready to up the bar on all of those things.  This change offers me all of these things.  The change?  I am taking a permanent vacation to beautiful British Columbia, 4000km from where I was born, in the shadow of the CN Tower.  I have no plans to come back, except for the occasional visit.

I always sort of knew I'd do it eventually.  Some of my very favourite growing up memories take me back to my many visits on Vancouver Island.  I love the fresh air, the mountains, the view, the ocean, the wild seals that do tricks for frozen fish heads and the ones that follow you as you kayak the Pacific.  I love the possibility of year long outdoor sports.  I'm in love with the possibility of creating the life I want for myself.  So, this month I start the road trip to my new life.  This summer, I begin my Pilates teacher training in Van City and in 2015 I return to school for Athletic Therapy.

Why?  Because this life is not a rehearsal.

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