Wednesday, 19 June 2013

That time I had an MRI

I'm claustrophobic.  Like, really claustrophobic.  Sweaty palms, panic, racing thoughts... The whole nine.  So, the idea of being slowly pulled into a cold plastic and metal cocoon was not high on my list of fun things to do with a Friday afternoon.  What if this hospital suddenly loses power and I'm trapped in this tube foreverrrrrrrr?!  You might be thinking "you could just crawl out, Talia." - I could... But WHAT IF a piece of the ceiling caves in and I'm trapped?!?  What if there's a... fire!!  What if the technicians forget about me!?!  So irrational.

So, I had an MRI. 

A sports medicine doctor wanted to get a closer look at my hips to try and determine how someone who is as active as I am... And who, as a dancer, once had fairly impressive flexibility and range of motion in my hip joints, suddenly has chronic aching, clicking and restricted range.  After months of waiting, my excitement at possibly getting some answers and maybe a prognosis and a shiny new treatment plan to match was peppered by my irrational fear of small spaces.  But, as always, my determination conquers all.  It's amazing what you learn about yourself when you're pushed out of your comfort zone and have to adapt.  I learned, among other things, that I can rock the Summer 2013 line of burlap hospital gowns... Opening at the back, obv.  I also learned that the experience was much like being inside a beatbox for 1 hour.  Varying frequencies of magnetic pulses sounds something like techno beats.  A few times between shots I could hear the technician saying something muffled to me through my fancy headphones which I imagined to be "REMIX" to which I would respond with fist pumping and "sssssssssick beatsssss".  Ok, none of that happened... But I came close to laughing a few times imagining that it did! (An hour is a long time to be deprived of sensory stimulation)

I didn't panic!!  Big thanks to yoga for teaching me about body awareness, the power of breath, meditation and relaxation.  Without those skills I would have needed to be sedated for sure!!  Now, I wait for the results...

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